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I was trying to show off my vast intellect to a friend the other day – a completely untenable situation, all things considered – by posing the following question: are all statements about reality subjective? Well, I came a cropper even quicker than might be expected when she fired straight back at me the question: is that question itself subjective?

Hmmm. That showed me up! But it got me to thinking that to say everything is subjective is rather self-defeating, since it must therefore itself be a subjective thing to say and so rather lacking a firm foundation. And that got me to thinking that the whole ‘I thing therefore I am’ train of thought is highly shaky. What is certain? The only thing I can think of that is certain, considering that everything might be a chimera, is that information exists. Even if you & I do not exist, there is some exchange of information somewhere to make us think that we do.

The big question that arises from that is: can information exist on its own? I tend to think not. For information to exist, surely there has to be some energy or matter somewhere to engender it. Perhaps this then leads to a less presumptive statement ‘I appear to observe a changing universe around me, which requires information and so something must exist’. Not the most catchy of maxims, I admit!

As ever I am probably missing the point and would be very grateful for your help in furthering my understanding.

ps – sorry for any typos, but my slightly odd cat is going trough a frenzy of licking my hands as I type this!


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