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Time for chaos

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I had other things on my mind! Well, I have now had some thinking time, and this is what I thunk:

Do the laws of thermodynamics mean that time has to travel forwards only?

This is my reasoning, which I beg your indulgence to read and kindness to comment on gently: as I understand it, information is the building block of the universe, energy and mater being expressions of information. Information cannot be destroyed.

Aside to this, entropy must always increase and the universe becomes ever more chaotic as a result. Now, chaotic systems take more information to describe them, so greater entropy surely means that there is more information in the universe. Since it is being created all the time as entropy increases, but can never be destroyed, then the system cannot go in reverse and so time goes only forward. It doesn’t matter that most other laws seem to work as well backwards in time as forwards, as they will be constrained by increasing entropy/information to being applied in the forwards direction alone.

I will be interested to understand where I am going wrong with that run of logic!



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