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The worst thing about GPs being given their own cash to manage, it seems to me, is that we have seen a resurrection of the term ‘postcode lottery’. Apparently one of the evils of taking control away from central bureaucrats is that we might not all get exactly the save quality of care.

Who cares? What sort of snivelling, petty, mean spirited ingrate would worry that they might not get quite as much as everyone else? Surely the only thing to matter is that there is a general improvement in service, no matter that some of us might get fantastic improvement and some of us only slight or no improvement? The whole concept of whingeing about postcode lotteries is just pure jealousy, indulged by idiots who have never grown out of playground squabbles over who has the best lunch.

Life is not fair: we were born into inequality and we will die there. Trying to force the in-between bits into a wholly unnatural state of fairness will cost huge amounts of money and achieve nothing, except perhaps giving people false expectations & creating dissatisfaction. Let’s just be honest and admit that shit happens. This will let us focus our limited resources on creating achievable benefits, improving life as much as possible for as many as possible. We should concentrate on absolute benefits (most people in the UK happy with their medical care) rather than relative equality (nobody has to wait more than 6 days to see their GP).

Pragmatism in politics would be a great thing.


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