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What’s zeta basically about? Well, the last post summarised the ‘manifesto’ of zeta, but I’d forgotten to lay out the basics, so here they are. The short version is that it is about how to live a good life – good in every sense: content, useful, successful etc.

The whole zeta way of life is a good idea at the moment, as it is a toolkit for success in a world lost in the morass of consumerism. But it will become ever more useful as the Age of Change comes upon us – as resources run low and current lifestyles are squeezed out of existence. Success does not mean having fast cars, big houses or race horses; but rather friends, love and contentment.

Zeta is basically a state of mind, a way of looking at life, a philosophy. The only problem is that it is really hard to talk about the concepts involved without sounding either like a religious zealot or a new age etherial. Terms such as ‘acceptance’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘peace’, ‘understanding’ and ‘creation’ are all useful and apt terms, but somehow conjure up completely the wrong atmosphere of discussion. There is nothing wrong with new age or religious concepts and beliefs, it is just that zeta is possibly neither. It might be both, as it happens, or either – it doesn’t actually matter & I am certainly not sufficiently enlightened to understand the fundamental workings of the universe, so can’t comment. Please feel free to enlighten me, as it were.

Which brings us to the problem of my not being very clever, so failing horribly at expressing myself succinctly. I am also not particularly zeta myself – not charismatic, brave or assertive enough – so I can only understand the concepts through a few personal triumphs, some knowledge of zetas and through recognising my mistakes. This again makes it hard to deliver my thoughts as words of wisdom, like delicate petals blown from the tree of knowledge, rather than just incoherent blather. Hey ho.

Again, any help you can offer will gladly be accepted.

So, zeta is about living the best life you can through finding enlightenment and contentment. This takes a little effort in our society, as almost all our political and economic systems rely on us being discontent and searching for more than we have. Ideally the system wants people who desperately desire more than they can ever have, as they are likely to be too busy chasing what they think they need to realise that they only think they need it as they are constantly being told they do. Phew, that was a tricky sentence – sorry.

To become zeta you need to kick back, work out what you really need and concentrate on attaining it. This is usually an awful lot easier than trying to get all the things you would like, so once you have worked out the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ you are half way there.

The next trick is to de-train your mind from wanting all the things you’ve been trained to want – money, stuff, social standing, respect, power. None of these are in any way important in comparison to friendship, fun, love and contentment with your lot. It doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to change your situation in life, just don’t get depressed with your current life and fixate on a distant goal of achievement that will bring you health, wealth & happiness. It doesn’t work like that: goals move and you have to enjoy your journey through life at every stage.

What you will find is that as you become more zeta you will have more space to be kind to yourself & those around you, which in turn will lead to you having the respect, social standing etc that you are no longer chasing. At least, you will amongst the people from whom it is worth having such accolades.

The last post goes some way to fleshing out these concepts, but I will also be posting some practical tips to help you get into the right frame of mind. Exercises for the spirit, if you like. But don’t worry, they are practical everyday types of exercises and don’t involve joss sticks or crystals. At least, not necessarily.


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Finally I’ve plucked up courage to take the plunge – prevarication can only last so long before it becomes obvious avoidance. So, what is Zeta? This particular philosophy of life can be summed up as follows (in no particular order or coherence, by the way):

1) The objective of life is contentment. Happiness is surficial and short-lived, but contentment permeates every aspect of your life consistently, once achieved. Religions tend to talk about enlightenment, but it is basically the same thing.

2) Contentment can only be achieved by taking the right course of action at each turn in life. Right means the best for you and others – taking the selfish option to the detriment of others will never lead to contentment.

3) The right course of action is obvious if you follow your instincts – follow your heart rather than your intellect. This could also be thought of as being guided by spirits/gods/guardian angels/God, depending on what you believe. Never act out of fear, duty, greed etc alone. If they do not coincide with what your instinct is telling you, then ‘doing your duty’ or whatever will only lead to a reduction in life for you and those around you. If is often hard to see how this can be so, but you will achieve the best outcome if you are brave enough and trust yourself.

4) Life naturally tends to lead you in the right direction – taking the right course of action is not always the easiest option in the short term, but will always lead to the best overall outcome. Every time you make a wrong decision, life will throw up chances for you to get back on track, but taking that course generally becomes harder the longer you put it off.

5) Don’t give yourself a hard time about getting things wrong: to err is human. Be kind to yourself (and others) so that you have room to change for the better.

6) Do not take yourself too seriously and don’t judge others. You can never fully know yourself, but you should never stop trying. Always keep half an eye on what you are doing and try to make sure it fits with (2) above; but remember (5).

7) Don’t chase money and never take a path purely to make more of the stuff. If you live life right then sufficient money will just crop up – sufficient to make you content, but not necessarily wealthy.

8) Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are, for some people, just as sure a means of reaching contentment (enlightenment etc) as sitting on top of a pole for 10 years. Each to their own.

9) Always wear cheap socks inside out – they’re much more comfortable that way.

Well, those are the simple tenants of Zeta, I guess, although there is a lot more to talk about with each one. That will have to wait till later, though, as I had best get back to some good honest relaxing now. I’ll probably chat about Zeta, gods & spirituality next time. Probably.

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Research shows that knowing about climate change does not lead to action. 45 years of research costing around £100 billion has resulted in only about half the developed world admitting that we have anything whatsoever to do with climate change. The evidence is there for everyone to see, but people chose not to believe it. Even those that accept the evidence often do not act, such as climate scientists flying long-haul for holidays. It seems that there is something more fundamental than knowledge at work here: belief. Climate change and religion appear to have a lot in common. To those that do not ‘believe’, the idea of belief is extremely scary: to fully believe is to recognise that you should give yourself over wholly to the way of life prescribed by that belief, which can mean a radical alteration in lifestyle.

I think religious belief goes even deeper, as accepting that there is a God means accepting that all your core principles need to be reassessed in light of how He would want you to act. The same is true for climate change, albeit without the praying. Now, the truth of both climate change and religion is slightly different from the perceptions of the unbeliever: not all religious people give all their possessions to the poor and go off to become missionaries. This is fairly easy to recognise logically, but the emotion of belief is a very powerful thing. Perhaps it is the danger of losing self respect that is most important, as to truly believe something without acting upon it whole heartedly is incompatible with the ‘I must be perfect’ culture that has arisen lately.

Some may accept the evidence of climate change and accept logically that it is occurring, but many still do not allow it to influence their core belief system and so can carry on life as usual. Others simply deny that it is happening at all and avoid the whole knowledge/belief imbroglio. Hence Zeta – a way to be content with who you are and what the world has to offer, without fear of fashion and the consequences of following your convictions. After all, Zeta is all about following your convictions to get the best out of life – do that and the rest will fall into place, all the barriers and fears to living the best life you can will melt away; although admittedly it requires some bravery and strength of character to be Zeta.

But more about that later.

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